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Ulysses Walden and the crew of the Lucky Rabbit's Foot have just discovered the greatest treasure in history: the fabled asteroid only known as "Newton's Moon." Instead of untold riches, they found a deadly foe and narrowly escaped with their lives. Adrift and out of options, Ulysses is forced to accept the help of some unsavory characters from the criminal underworld, but that help comes with dangerous strings attached.

Faced with new allies and old enemies, Ulysses and his friends find themselves caught in a conspiracy that will take them from the fringes of civilized space to the halls of the Imperial Palace itself. Trapped between warring factions, their only hope is to reach Newton's Moon before it's too late.

It's a race against time and an unstoppable enemy to secure Newton's Moon and uncover the truth. In this race, the stakes are victory or death.

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"Deeply human, brutally honest, and impossible to ignore."
- Self-Publishing Review on
Son of Syria
"5 Stars. A top notch winner."
-Readers' Favorite on
Son of Syria

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